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Finecor oil Bunkering is able to provide guaranteed quality products and services, aiming to cover the needs of any type of vessel calling at all Greek harbors.

Specifically our company provides:

  • GASOIL 0.1% Density<0,86
  • GASOIL 0.1% Density>0,86
  • RMG 380 HS
  • RMG 380 0,5%S

All products delivered produced on the basis of International standards (ISO 8217:2010 specifications).

Marine lubricants are sourced from various manufacturers, oil majors and independents, via local dealers & suppliers

Finecoroil Bunkering

Founded in 2001, Finecor Oil Bunkering is a physical supplier, specializing in the supply of Marine fuel oils , distillates and lubricants in all Greek Ports.

With an experience of almost 20 years in the industry and with a commitment to excellence , our team that is a blend of young , dynamic and responsible people ensures safe , efficient and high quality services.




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